Impression not continuing after a point but form2 yes

i am beginning using the form2 and onshape too. i have donne two pieces here are the links they are two pieces and i have exported (make the stl file) with the following configuration:

and the piece arrives to a point (when i am printing it) and stops making the pieces, the form2 continues working like if there is no problem and i at the end i find some material polimerised in the lower part of the resin container, i have tried two times and the two times it stoped the print in the same spot. for the configuration in the form2 i have put it for tought resin, in 0.05mm and i made a angle of 20º in the X also support density at maximun (it doesnt give me any red points in the file indicating that could break the piece at that spot). i dont understand what it is wrong in the pieces or configuration or if it is something else. i am a little bit lost here.
thanks a lot

Can you share the form file of the print?

yeah of course
one drive link
sorry cant upload to the web it is too heavy but there you have a link to the file in onedrive


I suppose your print is failing when the flange begins.

I reorientated your parts, please add supports yourself and try again:

well here you have an image of the printed part parts…

I’m a bit surprised to hear that the part is failing entirely, but cupping might be the cause here. Whenever there’s an enclosed cavity in a part, it creates a suction cup with the tank which can make it challenging for the print to peel and lead to failures.

Often, this is fixed by adding a drain hole to ensure that a cavity is never fully enclosed. Do you have the option to add a drain hole to the bottom of this part where it’s creating a seal? If not, there are changes we can make to the orientation to improve this.

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