Identifying when a model has been mirrored

The mirror feature is great and saves a lot of time of going back and forth from my primary CAD program. But one risk is that the mirrored parts are not identified or labeled that a mirroring operation has taken place.

it would be nice to have an identifier or suffix or a label (ie “mirrored”) show up in the Model List.

A (somewhat) sure way to validate this is by having the print number/title on the raft. Then when you mirror is, the text also will be mirrored. However, this is not a fool-proof solution because if you delete and remake the raft and supports after the mirror, the new raft will have the test in the correct orientation.


Hey @tlockwood, how would having this visibility help?

It would help because I’m working with parts that are almost (but not fully) symmetrical.

It’s not a simple matter to look at the model and easily determine if a part is the Left hand version or the Right hand version.

The mirror feature does work. It just requires a lot of care and being methodical with knowing and double checking that the mirror has been done successfully. And having this visibility would greatly reduce the chances of a mistake being made.