I have been seeing a decline in the quality of my prints over time

Hello all,

I want to open this topic up because I want too see this machine succeed as a professional device in the jewelry industry.

This is the problem I am having.

The print quality has decreased quite a bit since first getting the machine. The steps I have taken too resolve this are:

-Started with a new tank
-Started with new resin
-Checked the 1st surface mirrors at the base for defects and dust
-Checked the galvos for surface defects or dust
-Tried many different configurations of prints that had worked previously
-Outsourced .STL files to be absolutely sure that they would work on different machines
-Made sure the temperature of the resin was controlled and did not exceed recommend limits
-Tried calibration prints from the forums

Is anyone else using the for professional jewelry making? And how do you overcome the fall in detail.
Please mention what your usage is like. I have been printing 4-5 items a week since Feb 2015 with this printer

Maybe we can figure this all out. I have a theory as to why this might happen but maybe I’m just unlucky and got a lemon.

Thank you for reading.

could you have a faulty laser?

Could also try using a previous version of Preform Previous versions of Preform?

I’ve noticed a peeling bug in 0.25 prints with the latest version that could be affecting the print. Also try printing your peices in 0.1 and see if you get the same issues.

The laser might be the problem, in fact that was the issue with my last printer.

Layers at 0.1 the problem is reduced but not gone, but problem lies in the fact that I need the higher resolution for jewelry.
Beads in particular (small spherical prongs on the surface of the part) are getting increasingly more like lumps with very little definition. And the surface quality is just getting too rough for a piece of jewelry, I have still cast some prints out of necessity but they take 2-3 times as long to clean and polish.

It could be software, I feel that it is more a laser issue but the software version is something I have yet to try.

I’m printing using an older version of preform now I should know in a few hours.

The print is a bit better but not compared to some one the prints I have saved from when I got the printer new.

I am in talks with cs and I have sent them a photo of my laser and that looks like the issue.

Do you have pictures to compare so we can see?
Some lasers have a flare but there might be dust on the laser itself. Mirrors tend to get an oily film on them over time especially the large mirror so a good cleaning might do the trick. PDMS layer also will cloud but you seemed to have already replaced the tank so a new tank would take rule that out.

A picture of your laser spot would show a lot of what is going on.

Do you have any comparison images of your prints?

*oops missed Kens post :wink:

I can do this for now I will get the print comparison soon but I want to do it with Clean clean mirrors.

What I can show you all right now is the laser. I have attached an illustration to help you see what is going on with the laser itself. There are some addition flairs too the image due to the cameras lens. Use the illustration to see what is there and what isn’t.

The way I’m seeing it I went from having a fine paint brush, but now the bristles have begun to fray and I can’t get the same fine lines as before.


Picture of flare from east side of the machine.

Low Angle from south side of machine

Picture taked from “High Noon” (straight down)

Small Mirror and both Galvos

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