Humanoid robot printed with Form1+

I am working on a humanoid robot and I printed all the parts with the Form1+. After months of work replacement of printers and upgrade to Form1+, I finally have a printer which is working very well and I am always surprise with the quality of the prints. All the parts fit well together, no need to do extra adjustments.

Here are some pics of the robots assembled. The robot is 65cm tall.

Some details about upper body:

the foot:

and the back:

The skeleton is not very sexy but I am working with a designer to create an “outer shell”. Hopefully the prototype of the outer shell will be printed with the Form1+ and I will post the result later on.

For those who are interested by the project and humanoid robot, feel free to visit my blog which is regularly updated ( with my progress. Next step is to make it walking!

Create such robot will ne be possible without a printer like the Form1+. Thanks to the support team (Ryan and Roxanne) for helping me to fix issues and the team based in UK.


Wow ¡¡¡ Great Job

Nice work @fabrice_noreils!

I’ll be really interested to see how the printed parts hold up mechanically.

Were they printed with the v1 or stronger v2 clear resin?

pretty cool! good luck with trying to make it move!

Bravo Fabrice, ça déchire !
How much time did you spent of this project (including electronic) ?
Have you met the Inmoov/Caliban team ?

Yes, I am using the V1 clear resin. At 1.3 mm after 3 days its still feel soft. I put it for 10 min in a UV box after print. If longer in UV box it will cause curling for parts that is 2 mm or less. This is my finding to date. Can you share on this point if possible. Thank you. Great work you doing, hope to see more update from you. Thanks for sharing

@Ignacio thank you very much!
@Steve_Hohnstore Actually I used both resin, the v1 for the legs and the low part of the trunk, v2 for the upper part of the trunk and the legs. Actually parts hold together with screws , thickness of the parts is 3mm.
@Francesco: yes this is THE challenge, although creating and making the robot was one also
@cyprien: actually I initiated the project on February last year, the time to design the parts (I am using Alibre/Geomagic design), to fix issues with the foot of the robot (I wanted an articulated foot and I tried different mechanisms), I really started to print the parts in November. For the electronics so far it is mainly motors (dynamixels) and the OpenCM9 board. I never met the inmoov/Caliban team but if you have some contacts I will be happy to meet them