How to store resin tank for long hiatus

I have a 3-week trip coming up, and want to put my resin in a container and store the tray. Is it OK to just pour the resin out the tray, and put it in the storage bin dirty? Or is it better to fully rinse out the tray with IPA until there is no residual resin left in it? I don’t see that the website clarifies this either way. It would not be easy to clean out the inside of the tank with something that doesn’t harm the film on the bottom. It says the PEC pads are the only thing that should touch this film…but they are not very absorbent, and not great for soaking up a large amount of resin/IPA soup).

They say that the tanks for the Form 3 should last 32 weeks with the standard resins in them so you should be good to leave it. I was told that if you wanted to filter back the resin into an old cartridge (or even new if you really wanted to) that using a 190 micron oil filter would help keep any debris out of it for storage but that the tank its self wouldn’t need to be fully dry.

I would be a wee bit careful with using IPA on the tank as you wouldn’t want it to eat through anything unintentionally. Tanks are also ridiculously hard to totally clean, hence why it’s suggested to have one for each resin type. Too many nooks and crannies.

Just to reiterate you never ever want to use IPA in a resin tank. Hopefully tanks don’t need to be cleaned, but if you find yourself in that situation, very gentle warm water is all you’ll want to use.

For a 3 week trip you should be totally find to put the resin in a cool dark place. Do you mind if I ask what type of resin it is and how long you’ve been using that particular tank?