How to print a coin and retian detail on the underside?

I am printing a coin but I’m having issues trying to figure out how to get both sides of the coin to have detail. Obviously the top side will be fine but what about the bottom side where the support structure will be placed? I just got my print out of the machine and one side turned out pretty decent for medium resolution but the underside was completely ruined from all the support structure tips touching the detailed surfaces on the coin. I tried using less density and small tips but can’t get a clean print for the underside of the coin. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!

I think your best option is to split the coin in two then glue the two halves together - supports are a necessary pain but they can really screw up your surface detail.

I will see if I have a picture of a coin I printed but the best way that I found was to position it straight up and down. Yes, FL says not to do this but it works well for thin objects like a coin.
The supports will only be on the edges of the coin and your faces should come out perfect. (or as close to perfect at the machine can print)

I will post the pic, once I find one.


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Yea I was thinking the same. A necessary evil as they say :smile:

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Given the small section couldn’t this be printed vertically with supports only on its edge?

You would think so but I’ve yet to have a successful print when printing a part vertical or horizontal. I haven’t tried that method with this part so I guess it’s worth a shot.

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