How many location holes are supposed to be in the resin tank 2 or 4?

My resin tank seems to have a very small amount of play, it has two location holes at the front yet photo’s I’ve seen show 4 (including the store image).

The two I’ve worked with both have only two holes.  Both have the small amount of play you are talking about.  I can slide mine back past the holes some also.

Not sure if that’s the way it is suppose to be, though.

I’ve been told that future batches of tanks will have 4 holes.

The small amount of play in the resin tank shouldn’t affect the prints, even if it shifts slightly during the print.  The only thing that will matter is that the build platform be secure so each successive layer lines up with the previous layers on the build platform.

Adam L

I agree and disagree? It shouldn’t unless the resin tank moves during an actual print.

My resin tank has/had two laser cut location holes I’ve measured a possible off centre discrepancy of 0.8mm between the hole centres and the ball locator centres and my resin tank just loved to jump between the two centres.

I Dremeled two additional dimples 2.5mm dia and now three positive ON centres make my resin tan very stable and so far not one miss print.

I think that laser cut holes are not 100% at these tolerances and I understand that all future resin tanks will have 4 holes.

Ian from Formlabs here. Just to clear up some confusion, tanks were shipped with both 2 holes and 4 holes. Both versions are fully functional and were intended to be shipped like that. Marc, as you and Adam pointed out there is a small amount of play. That however doesn’t affect the prints as it can shift slightly during the peel cycle with no effect to the print itself. The issues of occasional misalignment of the 4 holes and the ball spring plungers are known and are being worked on but once again shouldn’t affect the print.

Also just to keep you all in know,  all future tanks will have 4 holes as we have decided that is the better choice.