How long is "too long" for a build time?

I know that some printers (specifically FDM and DMLS) have recommendations to limit the build time to ensure that the printer head does not overheat. There are obviously some differences between SLA with FDM/DMLS. However, I’m curious if this issue is still relevant?

Are there recommendations to limit the build time / build height to specific values?

Absolutely not. There is no print head per se but a laser that hits the part being printed, this laser is quite standard and the cooling solutions are well proven and tested. SLA is more akin to DMLS than FDM but there is no noticeable heat produced by the laser when it hits the part so the chamber doesn’t get hot like DMLS and SLS. Hell, the printer even has a heater to heat the resin as it doesn’t get hot enough during use.

My longest print was 42 hours and I’ve been doing regular print that are ~35 hours, no problem, I just start the printer in Friday evening and it’s perfect on Monday morning. I’m sure the Formlabs staff will confirm this if you still have doubts.

@JohnHue nailed it.

Photopolymerization processes are somewhat exothermic, but resin doesn’t deform in the same way that FDM thermoplastics or metals might. You should check out the design guide. A wire at 1.5mm diameter can be printed to be 30mm tall, and the limiting factor is moreso the peel force than deformation due to thermal stress. On an FDM process, a wire that thin would be difficult to print even with substantial cooling and a pause between layers.

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