HOW LONG DOES THE PARTY LAST? after 150 prints and many hours of print time

after 150 prints and many hours of print time when will the printer (FL2) need an overhaul?
Will a message come up that the laser is losing power or that the screw drive needs greasing, or that the bearings need repacking? What can wear out?

So far everything seems to be working just fine. Is there a rating of hours/print cycles where parts are worn out and need replacing?

Nothing lasts forever!


Your screw drive will indeed need greasing, but it will let you know with a resonant vibration of the entire printer during each lift/lower. Repair could be as simple as scooping off the grease from the lower end of the platform travel range and reapplying it to the threads higher up.

The machine is pretty simple, mechanically and electrically. Not a lot of parts, and only a few of them move. Things will undoubtedly wear out with time but the progression is likely to be pretty slow vs. all of the sudden. When you see your prints starting to degrade you’ll know something needs a little maintenance (and of course, troubleshooting to figure out what it is that’s wearing out).

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