How can I reinstall previous software and firm ware?

I’ve seen a few other post lately regarding print failures that may be due to new software.
I had my FL2 in the new year. Worked great for the first three weeks then we had a failure so we updated the software and firm ware. Since then it’s a 100% failure every time. Nothing prints except maybe a few layers on the build platform but usually nothing. I may get a little bit of cured resin in the tray. Ive messed about with dropping the z axis from -0.01mm down to -1mm. Tried new resin and new tank, all surfaces are clean, previous successful prints now don’t print.
So after looking around in the forum it seem a few others may be having similar problems. Some have tried reinstalling previous soft/firmware but I cant seem to work out how to do it.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Honestly, I’d suggest getting in touch with FL support instead. My print success rate didn’t drop at all with the newest updates, and I’ve been printing with my Form2 for a couple of years. If it’s not working, there might be something else going on that’s worth fixing.

Edit to clarify that I understand you might have urgent need to get back up and running, and the downgrade might or might not help. But I don’t think it’s the case that the update is failing for most or even many users, so failures could be a problem with your printer.

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