Horizontal wave patterns on bottom of print


Thanks for the input. Interesting threads that you linked to.

I think it is a single shell or object. I made it in Autodesk Fusion 360. The whole thing was made by sketching a flat profile that is then rotated around one full turn. This creates the cylinder and the sphere.

I hope that was understandable…


Here’s the result of the laser spot test. I think it looks OK. No flares at least.



I’m giving up on this printer now. I can’t come up with anymore ideas on what can be done to improve the print quality.

We have another abandoned Form1 printer standing on a shelf in the makerspace. I’ll give that one a try know. The problem with that one is that it has a lot of liquid resin inside of it and one of the ball springs is glued shut.


I tried another print yesterday with the first printer. Tried to print a sphere. The bottom of the print has the horizontal lines and the sphere is not round either.

The top is smooth and nice though. I wish I could get prints of that quality…


I notice that the supports are very badly formed too, similar to the results that I got with expired resin.


OK. The resin is rather new. The strange thing is that the top of the sphere is perfect and the bottom is bad. I’ve done more than 20 prints now and they are all like that.

It seems like the print gets messed up when a larger area layer is put on top of a smaller area layer. When it goes from larger to smaller it’s OK.


Supports are poorly aligned, should be symmetrically set.
The distance of the ball from the platform should start at 5 - 6 mm.
Make sure the platform is not loose.
What is the size of the ball?


Thanks for the input!

I’ve made sure the platform is not loose, tightened the screw. The ball is 12mm in diameter.

I’ve printed other models, some with an ridiculous amount of support just to make sure, and they all have the same faults. But I will try again with your suggestions with the distance to the platform and better support.

I’ll report back when I’ve tried your suggestions!


Now I’ve been in contact with Formlabs support. The representative I was talking to asked me to check the date on the resin bottle. I did so and found out that they had accidentally send me old resin.

It was supposed to last for one year. It was two months over that time when I started printing in september. Two months is not a lot but I’m hoping that this could be the cause. It’s clear resin and I guess that this is a little more difficult to get right when your printing.


A little update here… Support tried to send me new bottle of resin instead of the one with old resin I was sold.

But instead of clear resin v.2 I got v.4. Support has told me that they will take it in return and send me the correct one. But I’m beginning to think that they might not have any v.2 left. We will see what will happen.


In all cases, shouldn’t you try to print with V4 ? Once you are out of V2 you’ll have to use V4 anyway.


That’s a point. Maybe v4 prints as well. But my plan is to go for a third pary resin instead.


Clear Resin v2 and v4 are the same formulation, but a supplier changed for one of the components so we updated the version number. You can read more about this change here. You’ll see the same mechanical and aesthetic properties printing with Clear v4 as compared to Clear v2.


OK. Thanks for the info about the formula being the same! Now I’m already getting a refund. But that’s OK. I will go for a though third party resin.


Different exposure on v4? I still have a little of the 02 left and wonder if i can mix them. I also use the OpenFL since had problems generating supports on some parts with the newest PreForm where it would not allow me to add supports where I needed.


Nope, they’re chemically the same material with a change in supplier for one of the components. The material files are currently the same, and the two resins can be mixed safely. There’s a bit more information here.


Stupid question, if they can be safely mixed then what exposure would you use? I assume they would be different since PF has different profiles for each.


Both the material and material profile are identical so it won’t matter which you go with. The different material profiles are a matter of UX as it would be tricky to tell all customers with the v4 resin to use the v2 material profile.

Impossible to print Clear V4 straight onto bed!

Ahh thats good to know. Thanks


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