Holes in object

Holes in printed object…any hints???

This is almost certainly to dust/debris on your mirror, the glass over the optical cavity, or the bottom of your tank.

If you have clean (preferably canned) compressed air available, remove your build platform and then your tank and see if you can blow any debris off the glass surface or (without tipping the tank and spilling) the plastic bottom of the tank. Don’t blow with your mouth because of the risk of spit/food/etc. getting on the surfaces, which would then require much more intense cleaning. If you see something below the glass on the large mirror, I’d advise contacting customer support about cleaning if you aren’t sure how to do that yourself.

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Thank you

Some of the canned air can spray chemicals onto the surface, if you want to use just air you can get one of these: https://www.amazon.com/FOTGA-Professional-Rocket-Keyboard-Cleaner/dp/B01E9W4U9Q/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1511197861&sr=8-8&keywords=air+blower+duster

Or get the PecPads to clean the glass.

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Alternatively you can use a blaster for around 9 bucks
Canned spray can spray liquid out if turned too much at an angle and it also blasts really cold air that may cause condensation.

Source for PecPads???

They’re a lint free wipes so that you don’t leave any particles or scratches on the glass.

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