High Temperature Resin - How to remove from tank

On the high temperature resin site it states not to leave the resin in the tank for more than 2 weeks. What is the suggested procedure? Remove material back to cartridge and clean tank with isopropyl? Or is the tank trash after 2 weeks? I can see it has created a solid film on the edges above the pool of material after a week.

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avoid getting ISP on the orange or green tank plastic.

generally, turn the tank upside down with its fill ramp low and let it drain completely, then wipe it out with a clean paper towel. You can slightly moisten a pec pad with ISP to wipe the tank floor… but only the optical area- keep it away from the edges where it might contact the plastic.

I wiped everything down with 6% isp wipes and put the tray in storage, will see how it looks next time I get a request for this resin. I couldn’t get the ramp and sides completely clean but bottom looks good.

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