Hi, I am a figure artist in Korea / Japan

I am Korean but,
I am working in a Japanese company.

For personal use
I am using a DLP printer now.
I want to use Form2.
And I want to share information.

This is my work.
The printing of this is a DLP printer.
It is about $ 5000 machine

This page is my Facebook

English is difficult.
I try.

I want to be active in this community Forum.
Thank you.


Very nice work, I always loved Japanese mecha such as Gundam, Macross, Orguss, FSS, etc.

Very nice work, and welcome to our forums.

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Thank you.^^

The Form 2 is excellent for this type of work


Wow looks great. I am always envious of those with this level of modeling skills.

how much does it cost to typically have someone model a character my friend would like black manta but can’t find him for the life of me.

I can see I am going to need a ton more grey resin than anything else.

I visited Japan for two weeks for pleasure it was an amazing time

I am a professional sculptor.
There is a high cost for 3D modeling work.
It will be an amount that you do not understand.

I make a work of art.
The figure you want is
Working period - 4 months
About $ 12000
It is roughly an estimate.

thank you for your prompt response. That is more than I could spend for my purposes but I understand the cost. Modeling is not a quick process and takes a lot of imagination!

A skill few have.