Heat Map for LT tank not showing

Hi there! It was about time to replace my original “old style” tank so I took it out, filtered the resin, and installed a new LT tank. I poured the filtered resin back and and the printer is currently printing.

Dashboard correctly shows the new LT tank but does not show me a heat map for the new tank. The old tank’s heat map IS showing so I went ahead and deleted the old tank. Now I get no heat map at all! How do I get the map for the LT tank to show?


Just a guess here but since it is a new tank it might not show up until the print is completed. I’m sure @Frew will be able to confirm or point you in the right direction if that is not true.


For our current material library, LT tanks don’t cloud like the Standard Tanks which is why it isn’t necessary to include heatmaps in the Dashboard. This may change with future materials, and LT tanks are still vulnerable to mechanical wear which is why we don’t recommend using them indefinitely.

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