Has anybody experience with resins from bucktownpolymers?

Bucktownpolymers sells a variety of polymers http://bucktownpolymers.com/polymer00.html


Low VOC version of the PS100 Low odor


Vinyl Ester Epoxy, high performance and extremely tough, corrosion resistant


Zero VOC Urethane, denser cross linking, environmentally safe, faster curing

All resins cures by 420nm and shorter UV-light and are available in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black

Has anybody experience with these resins and which of these resins can be used in the Form1?

My experience with them was a phone number I called to ask them about their resins, and getting a weird answering machine, leaving a message and nobody calling me back. :wink:

I asked bucktownpolymers via email and got a reply with the specs and a statement.

Cure times for 0.1mm layers are under 2 seconds with a typical ~2700 lumen projector with a 100 x 70mm projection.

Any of the resins will work with the Form 1. They will also cure much faster.