Hacking the form 1

I am very close to getting approval from my CFO (my wife) for a Form1. My question is how hackable is the machine? Say I wanted to experiment with exposure times etc.

I currently have and FDM machine which does 80% of what I need to do… now I just need a high quality machine to satisfy the rest of my client’s needs.


Some of those settings can be tweaked by playing with the materials settings, but there is no independent control of variables like exposure times or power. The Form 1 is designed to work smoothly, outt’ve the box, with the resins that we’ve formulated.

I understand that the Form 1 is intended as an off-the-shelf consumer product, and so you aren’t keen on people hacking it physically.
I have a Form 1, and an application that could really benefit from a tiny bit more vertical print space.

So here’s the question: How “doable” is extending the printer physically in the vertical dimension, and adjusting the parameters to print slightly larger volumes?

At this point “buy a Form 2” isn’t financially possible, so please don’t stop at suggesting that.

~Rick Berry
Kickstarter Backer of the Form 1

Hardware wise very little would have to change. Linear rail, vertical column and screwed rod would need changed for longer parts. The top cover would have to be changed or removed which obviously causes it’s own issues.

Where I suspect you will struggle is in the software and firmware side of things. I have no idea how easy or hard it would be to modify preform or the firmware to allow for a greater height.

Definitely possible :wink:


@Frew A bit phallic looking but that’s freaking awesome. The part that impresses me the most is the time…3 hours? WOW! :scream: