Great prints, though some abnormal areas?

I’ve made many prints of this head model and all come out perfect except there is always a large streak in the middle of the print. It looks as if halfway through the print the calibration went slightly off and continued to print. If I run my finger along the streak it is slightly pushed in one side and pushed out the other. The rest of the print has the usual build layer streaks which is fine, though no matter what position I rotate the head in I always get this large midway streak.

I’ve only noticed it does it with a large model like this. Other small models are fine. What do you guys think?

Have you checked the models integrity? How thick is the model at that point? When I have issues like that it’s usually a fault in the mesh or caused by stress during peel because the model has too much surface contact with the tank.

This symptom can also occur if the build platform attachment is slightly loose.

With the platform off, lift the lever and tighten the screw beneath the lever 5-degrees clockwise, and then test how it clamps. Incrementally tighten and test until it fits firmly, and does not allow any wiggling of the platform on it’s mounting arm.

Don’t overtighten.

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That’s an interesting point Jason. So do you mean the thicker that area is the machine has issues with the peeling? I’ll check it in preform and post

It was very lose but I tightened it. I did check and it felt secure. Though will check again after print number 10 finishes :smiley:

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Actually going back to Jason’s suggestion, I did print the same head rotated facing upwards and this streak wasn’t there. Instead it appeared around the nose area.

It’s something I used to get a lot - I now try to print walls no thicker than 1-2mm if I can, but sometimes, as you have noticed, the orientation can affect the stress point too - unfortunately it’s an iterative process - it took me a few goes to work it out!

Thats interesting, will try to keep the walls even :slight_smile: also there might be a peeling bug printing at 0.25 in the latest preform so I’m going to try a 0.1 print.

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