Gray material as a wear part

The more i use the gray material the more I am amazed with i and like it. It cuts and sand easily, and can be tapped for small items. If the part is large enough it is good to 200 degrees. Ask me how I know!

This is the first time I have tried it as a wear part. I wanted to try and make U joints for my trains. I have about 10 minutes of run time so far. It all seems to be OK, The wear areas are liberally oiled.

I hope I don’t have to find out what the life span is and repair with new U joints.



Wow, awesome work Bill!


I’ve had resin parts be in contact with the hot end of my custom FDM printer at 250 deg C and they’ve been fine.

I’d be concerned about the long life of the parts in a wear part. I made on of those static differential models a while back and it’s loosened up a lot over the course of 6 months but has had little actual use over that time as a show piece.