"Gluing" splited parts of the model with Dental curing light?

Honestly I’ve tried all sorts of lasers and been disappointed with all of them.

From a 5mW pointer like this:

To 200mW “professional” model like so:

And a 5W (1800mW/cm²) dental tool:

None of them cured the resin fast enough for me. All were 405nm products.

Then last year I spoke with one of the dental guys at the Formlabs User Summit and he let me try out one of these to glue together a set of dentures:

That’s the guy you need, at least if you’re “impatient” like me. It does 3W/cm². I bought one as soon as I got back. It ain’t cheap.


Suggest you also pick up a pair of safety glasses. (He said you didn’t need them, but I’d say they’re prudent).

Edit: Just realized that last photo shows the 365nm version. Be sure to buy the 405nm one (order # 2182207).

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