Glue seam knife

My project is too large to print in one on the F1, so I’m printing it chunks and glueing them together. Until now I’ve really struggled to clean off glue seams on concave surfaces, but after googling a few hours on Monday I eventually found out about spoon carving knives, or crook knives. They’re perfect, mine arrived today - pictured below - and now cleaning off glue seams is simple. It’s better than the scalpel on convex surface seams as well…

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That is a handy looking item.
I’ll share an item we found as indispensable, yes I wrote indispensable, for taking the flash off our parting lines on urethane castings.
Chatterless, an keeps its edge. I’ll try it on the Form1+ resin some time on larger pieces glued together as you describe.
I realize it’s a it pricey, but I haven’t dulled one yet.
It’s available in convex, concave and straight. I buy mine from MSC.