Getting caught up with shipping units anytime soon?

Some time ago I was ready to purchase a Form1 and the expected delivery date said “August 2013” … just a few days later I came back to actually make the purchase it now said “October 2013” … at that point my confidence level in their ability to ship on time tanked a bit.  I figured I’d wait a while and see if they get caught up and reduce that lead time a bit.  Today I checked again and now it says “November 2013”.

The idea of giving a company a few thousand dollars so they can hold on to it for 3+ months while I wait for my product does not really appeal to me (and I think it’s a violation of most merchant account/credit card agreements).

Does anyone have a feeling for when they will be caught up and we will start to see lead times of a few weeks or so?

Yes, I know it’s a new startup and a new product and they are going through growing pains, they are trying to ship orders to people that paid via kickstarter many many months ago,  etc … that’s not my question.  I already know that.  My question is; when will we start to see reasonable lead times on new orders.


Allen R.

GameCraft Miniatures