Functionally Graded Materials- A new approach

I am a student at The Pennsylvania State University working with a patent pending technology that presents a solution for both thin film and bulk 3D printed FGMs by digitizing the design’s geometry into hundreds of thousands of aligning micron sized cubes. Each cube is represented by a gyroid structure, which typically has a volume and empty paths or tunnels that mathematically maze through the structure. However in this process, the maze is filled in with the other selected material creating a mechanical advantage from the intertwining material paths. Both the gyroid material and the maze material separately but continuously flow into the surrounding cubes, repeating the gyroid pattern from cube to cube. Since each material is continuous throughout the entire design, the component exists as two continuous discrete structures, not only bonded together, but mechanically blocking each other from separating. The final product will increase the multi-material bond strength compared to current FGM techniques. This process creates a superior connection between two materials allowing characteristics such as: anti corrosive, high flexibility, high/low thermal conductivity, temperature resistant, biodegradable, and more.

We are looking for anyone who has insights into the 3D printed FGM world who wants to know more about this ground breaking process. Please contact with any questions, insights, or possible matches for our technology.