Free space?

My Form2 reports a little under 2 GB of free space left in its internal storage.
If i understood correctly (i might be completely off), there’s 4 GB of Flash on the Form2 main logic board.

Where did the other 2 gigs go?

Not that i particularly need them, mind you.
I’m just curious :slight_smile:

4GB is the total size of storage on the Form 2 but that includes all of Formware - operating system and software that runs on the machine. So ~2 GB is the amount free for storing jobs.

Yeah, i was guessing the rest is taken up by the OS/FW, but 2 gigs seemed like quite a bit.
Especially considering FW updates are way smaller.

But in retrospect, it makes sense they’d just be patches or package updates (i keep forgetting there’s a whole, fully fledged linux machine crammed in there now).


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