Formlabs 3 - Can I change resin tray while printing a job

Is it possible to change an end of life resin tray while in the middle of a job? (Formlabs 3 )

The print is stopped and I’m assuming it needs the tray replaced . still have 3 hours left to print from the 1D 9H job !

Hope I don’t have to abort !

No idea. Given that this is Sunday and a support request likely wouldn’t be answered until Monday, your best bet might be to give it a try and see what happens.

Support didn’t answer, but I will - no.

I don’t think the print will stop if the tray is past its born-on date. If it did stop for that reason, it would have said as much. I just started a job this afternoon and the printer complained the tray was too old, but it gave me an “ignore” button which I hit and the print is running fine (the tray has only had a few small jobs printed on it, but it’s been sitting on the printer for a couple of months).

Thanks for the reply Randy
The printer resumed after I replaced an almost empty cartridge. I wish it would have just said " out of resin "
instead of just pausing (20 mins) without an error message. I just dumped the remaining resin into the tray.

I did try to pull it out but it was resisting so I didn’t pursue that option until I was certain.

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@joedimalanta when the cartridges get really low, it can take awhile to dispense the last bit of resin (especially in some of the thicker resins). This is simply because it takes while for the viscous resin to flow down the cartridge and out of the valve. A long time ago, after complaints about how cartridges were being marked “empty” without being totally empty, we made the machine dispense for something like 20-30 min towards the end to be sure it’s as empty as possible.

A nice tip for next time - if your cartridge feels low before you start a job, you can either empty into a tank (just don’t fill it too full or it won’t let you start since the machine doesn’t want to spill resin over the side of the tank), or what I do is put the empty cartridge to the side, and use a new cartridge, and then after 1-2 jobs using the new cartridge, I pour the last bit of the older one in the (slightly emptied) new cartridge.

Also, if the cartridge is nearly empty, there’s not as much pressure to push it out of the nozzle. And, if the ambient temperature is around 65ºF when you start a new job, it dribbles out, painfully slowly, in a thin stream until the printer’s heater gets some warmth in to the resin cartridge. Also, the mixer arm can’t move freely and gets pulled loose.

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