Form2 will not install drivers/firmware upgrade

So, I don’t know how many people have received their form2 yet, but I hope you are having better luck than me. When I install preform 2 the form2 drivers don’t install correctly (windows message pops up saying so) and when I try to apply the firmware update it wants to look for a firmware file on my PC (??)

This is most annoying and does not bode well for the launch of the brand new printer. A support ticket has already been raised

Just curious, would you mind to share when did you placed the order of the printer? So far you’re the only person who received the printer other than press…

I placed the order almost as soon as it was announced that formlabs were taking orders - I don’t recall exactly when, sorry. They have sent me a link to a fix so we’ll see how that goes !

Hi Jason, I think you’ve already heard back from Support by now, but I wanted to provide some details in case others come here with a similar problem.

If the printer is not recognized altogether:
If you’re on Windows and unable to connect to the printer via USB, the following should help make sure the proper driver is installed (Note: You will need administration privileges to install the driver):

  1. Plug in the Form 2 into your computer via the USB port, and confirm it is recognized by the Device Manager as Bessemer.
  2. Download the Zadig USB driver installer from the following link:
  3. Open Zadig and make sure “Bessemer” is selected in the dropdown menu.
  4. Click the large “Install Driver” button.

If the printer’s firmware will not update:
We have the basic firmware update instructions available online. If this update fails, you are most likely on firmware version 0.5.2; please download an intermediary version of firmware from Formlabs and upload this version to the Form 2. Then follow any instructions in PreForm to bring your firmware to the latest version.

Note: if you’re trying to print via Wi-Fi, you’ll also need to make sure your printer and computer are on the same network, and that your computer has the Bonjour service installed. You can use Apple’s troubleshooting steps to confirm that Bonjour is installed:

Hi Stephen

Yes, Zach sent me a link which has indeed got the ball rolling - all good so far. One other observation though - the little foot adjuster seems like a bust to me - makes no difference to the levels after twiddling for 15 minutes - I’ve just stuck some card board under the feet to level it, not pretty but it took less than a minute and it works :wink:

Actual, ignore that last bit - just make sure the circular widget is securely in place otherwise the feet don’t turn, once its got a solid grip on the foot it works fine.

I received mine almost 2 weeks ago.

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