Form1 version

I’m ready to buy an used Form1 in order to save time for my project. In fact it’s a brand new one because it was a replacement machine delivered by FomLabs because the previous was defective :

  • the label shows VER 01 and a SN showing letters “ProxxMxxxe”. Is the Form1 still in VER 01 ? Does somebody knows if a new version is in the line ? Does the SN means something about version or age ?

  • it’s sold without the Form Finish Kit and I don’t know about the Form Software. Do you know if I can buy the Finish Kit somewhere or if I really need it ?

  • my project is to print small technical parts with 0.3 mm embossed details and 10° draft angles, do you think that the Form1 works for that kind of job and which kind of resin suits the best for it (clear, grey or white)

Thank you for your greatly appreciated help.

Hi Laura,

Formlabs does never disclose any information whatsoever about their technology evolving, what has changed under the hood with the latest firmware upgrade or any similar information.

The only information, the general public has about any versioning, is that there is only one “Form 1”

By following previous threads here in the forum, I can confirm that the PCBs (the electronic boards) do exist in different versions, also the firmware has changed over time.

If you want to know whether your Form 1 would work for your application, ask someone to make a sample print from one of your models, there a lot of people that are willing to help, if you’re willing to pay.

Good luck

Etienne Renaud