Form1+ rocking it

Got our upgraded Form1 and so far I have had 100% success rate. I do have to check supports before printing because in preform sometimes the generated supports don’t actually touch the geometry. I delete those and manually add supports. So far so happy since we had a low success rate before. I am moving onto larger more complicated prints to see if she holds up.

Speed wise, does not seem insanely faster but quality wise is night and day


Awesome. That’s great to hear!

If you can share some screenshots of the issues you’re seeing in PreForm, that’d definitely be help to the software team – perhaps in a new thread to keep things simple? Glad the manual support editing is giving you a work around for those, at least.

I’ll look for the new thread, but I wanted to add that I am seeing this same issue - but with manually created supports. Namely they do not end up touching the surface and do not have any affect on “redness” in the area where they are added (which makes sense if they are not touch). I’ll look for a thread and upload a picture.

Created in the troubleshooting forum with a pic. My manual touch points are working great. I have only had issues with auto generated touch points

Some pics of prints we are doing for the Directors Guild for this weekend. Dig the super thin ant bits including fingers that printed beautifully. These were at 100micron so they printed in around an hour and a half. Normally we print at 50 micron but we had to bang a bunch out for our booth with only a couple days notice.

Here is a side by side with our Afina pint. Afina took about 2.5 hours and detail areas of lego man like in the hands are rough. We did the ant on the Afina too but had to slice the body in half, thicken the thin bits and print them separately. That mean creating little holes and pegs on the parts for reassembly. Form1 definitely kicked it’s but, especially on detail. Sorry I don’t have the Afina ant pictures.

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Just wanted to note the parts were created in Modo using Mesh Fusion. Ran a sanity check with NetFabb before brining into Preform

The legs on your LEGO figure look broken.

Great - at least the Form1+ exists. I paid for upgrade July 17th and still no word and also they never called me when I set up a callback for today.

But they cashed my $750 of course

Hmm, sorry to hear that, Bill — I’ll take a quick look and see what’s up. In the meantime, let’s keep this thread on-topic. I’ll follow-up w/ you via a private message.

I had cut away the fronts of the leg with this one with an exacto knife to see the best way to generate the supports. I ended up placing them slightly different for our public demos.

Very cool!!!


very nice !! great work.