Form wash cover - ipa loss

Due to the design of the form wash cover I haven’t been able to design a gasket that prevents the IPA from evaporating. I finally sourced a Plexiglas cover and put some edge molding on the base to cover the form wash. The cover cost $136 including shipping (14"x 14"x 14" - 1/8" Thick Clear Acrylic Plexiglass Box) and the edge molding was about $10 (
Haven’t any negligible loss in over two weeks.


Neat! It’s a Form Wash terrarium.

I have some IPA still, in the wash buckets I got with my Form2 (I’m now upgraded to Form3). I would estimate that they lost about 50% of their contents over time. But that time span is close to 2 years. I haven’t considered the evaporation rate to be significant enough to do anything about it… But i don’t have a Wash, just the buckets that come with the printer.

But…, Plexiglass is Acrylic. IPA attacks Acrylic. If your evaporation is significant enough to make this enclosure meaningful, you may find after a few months that the Acrylic has started to craze and crack from exposure to the IPA vapor.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep an eye on it. At least I’ll know the cause if problems develop.