Form Failed print 2 only supports being printed?

Ok, so a brand new printer.
Symptoms: Ran a long 3d print, that ended up with some missing details.
After setting up the same elements, the printer only printed supports, there was nothing in the resin tank (failed print leftovers).
Set it up again, cleaned resin tank, “leftover resin” was no used, ujust fresh one, and the same effect.
On the printer screen you can see the STL with support so I would assume that file was imported correctly?
Anyone has the same issue?


Which resin are you using? If it is clear it may be stuck to the PDMS layer at the bottom of the tank and they can be hard to see sometimes.


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Good chance your support points are too small. I’ve had this on a few jobs. Also too many items on the build plate if they are large as they cause more pull on the lift cycle.

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When you get properly formed supports- but no part- it is almost always because the part you imported is not a qualified topological solid.

Check the file.
Lots of surface modelers create models that LOOK solid, and render solid but have a hole in their geometry- which means its just a one sided surface that can not be mathematically shownto fully enclose a volume of space.

Go back to the app that built the model and check it for solidity.

Hi there, its gray resin.

@Sculptingman what I cannot understand is that 1st time we print the elements it was OK, no issues there (except to some minor miss-prints due to lack of support structures). Then, the same STL was used, only 2 more supports were added.
Today I am printing something else, a small elements to see if there is a problem with STLs.

I found this topic, and it seems to be exactly the same issue:

@simoncomputing how you have solved it?

OK, now our Form2 is not printing objects at all, just a tiny bits from support base…

This morning I set up a new, different model, STL small ones to do the checks.

I have to say, I have been working for years with several 3d printers: Envisiontec P3 or solidscape, and I was not expecting such issues with a printer designed in 2018.

Anyone experienced the same issues with brand new printer?

Thanks for doing a bit of troubleshooting by testing out different models and orientations. It sounds like there could be something amiss with your optics, and our support team is going to be best suited to troubleshoot this with you. A member of our team will be reaching out to you directly over email.

if you have successfully printed the file before- then its not a problem with the model… its definitely the printer.

Try raising the support base. I use a 3. And it depends on what you are trying to print also, if only some of the supports are buiilding then the resin is most likely undercuring.

This may sound strange but shake the resin alot let it settle a few minutes, and also, warm the room up you plan on printing in, i found even at room temp things like this happen, but after using a space heater and warming the room up around 70 degrees before hand really does make a difference, My print success rate is much higher at above room temp.

Looks like you may just need to up the point size in the support menu create more contact.
:up the point size (these are the parts of support that stick to the model an keep it connected to the base))

And also look at the advanced support help in open fl under supports.

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