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Form 3L network name

My Form 2 and Form 3 both report their machine name to the network. I think my 1+ does as well, although it’s not plugged in at the moment so I can’t check.

I noticed my Form 3L is just reporting “Form”, without the serial name.

Is that normal? Is it because it’s on Wifi instead of an Ethernet connection? Or did Formlabs change this intentionally with the new machine?


Hmm, maybe this is something on my router’s side. I did see the device name briefly appear at one point.

What’s the difference between “br0” and “eth1” (I know what “eth1” is, but not “br0”)? And what does “wfilter” do?

It’s a screenshot from a Tomato flavor of router firmware.

Not really important, but br0 represents the wired network the Form 2 and Form 3 are plugged into, and eth1 represents the particular wifi interface the Form 3L is connected to (which in turn is also bridged to br0). wfilter is just a hotlink that (presumably) lets you quickly add the MAC address to a filter (to prevent or permit wifi access).

I might have asked my question prematurely. I should probably try plugging the 3L into a hardwired connection first to see if the behavior changes. I did see the correct machine name for the 3L very briefly, I think it was just after a router reboot. The 2.4GHz interface on my router actually started acting up shortly after doing this troubleshooting so it’s also possible something funny is going on there.

That is weird.

How is the 3L perfoming for you? I just recently ordered mine and excited because my delivery date for it was moved up. Should have in end of March.

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