Form 3L Issues


Thanks for all the info! This is great. 2000 Euros seems pretty reasonable actually, that’s around $3000 CAD. I buy IPA is 20L tubs that are basically $200 each, so it looks like it would actually pay itself off quite quickly. I’ll look into it a bit more.


Yeah let us know next time you run a really large print in Rigid 4K and 10K. I’m sure that if you get any layer lines, they will be less because the part will deflect less because of the stiffness, but curious to see some pictures!


In that case yes, it pays off but do keep in mind that you won’t get 100% of the IPA back. All the resin in the used IPA takes a lot of space. In my non scientific measurement I would say I got around 60 to 65% IPA back and we’re talking about VERY dirty one, the one you try to stretch as far as humanly possible.

Yeah, I will. While that’s true for Rigid 4000, Rigid 10k is the worst thing when it comes to spotting shifts, cracks, and whatever may fail. It’s not hard to get a pristine surface out of it but the tiniest glitch is a pain to look at.


The new Rinse Bucket (v2) is available for purchase:


I received an email yesterday giving me a discount for ordering the bucket. What really irks me is that Formlabs should offer this to 3L users as a free upgrade since initially this is what i thought i was getting in the first place.

What i really need is the curing unit. They also are announcing the shipping of the form 3L wash unit but i don’t see where the curing oven will be available soon.


That’s what was written on the sticker in the first finishing kit: “Use this because we can’t deliver the good one and you’ll get a discount so that we can sell it to you when we have it”. When I saw that I knew what was coming…

In any case I didn’t get that particular email, only the one about the Form Wash and Form Cure with the discount for the Form Wash. At this point I already purchased alternatives because it should be available on Q1, then on Q2 and now we’re told Q4 but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
They’ve been announcing the shipping forever now and at this point they only have some prototypes to test “with a select group of customers” which obviously means “not me”.

In all honesty I would prefer their curing unit because it should be more specific to their resins than the one I have BUT it will all come down to pricing which I suspect will be an arm and a leg if the small Form Cure is any indication.


Hang the build platform on it and it drains at a different angle, but back into the tank.


I do think i’s best to have two cartridges fitted, FL recommend this, but their “resin left” calculation is rubbish.


Well, I guess it’s Sunday…

Doesn’t see the platform that is there but also doesn’t care and continues to print… no idea what’s worst!

Also, it’s not just the prints that peel, the printer is doing the same:

Happy weekend everyone!


Wow Eks, that sucks!

I have not printed with mine in over a week. I was supposed to receive a phone call from support friday at 3:30 central time but it never happened. I guess i wasn’t important enough to get that call.

Oh well.


Truly disspointing, I have definitely decided to NOT BUY a 3L until next year at least.

Meanwhile I’ll just grab either Peopoly or phrozen large format options, they are a fraction of the price so if the disappoint ate least you didn’t spend 10K on a paperweight


Not having much luck.
Before going to bed I set a 14 hour print on the 3L.
Exactly 8 hours later I got a warning that there was no resin so the print didn’t even start.
Last time it was around 6 hours idle without any warning so I guess that someone thought that if the tank doesn’t fill in 8 hours then something is wrong. I get a 2 hour period for filling and empty tank with resins that drip very slowly out of the cartridge but 8 hours is pure nonsense.

Anyway, once I replaced the cartridges I noticed that it only had 8 hours left for the print to finish so I guess leaving it idle for 8 hours only wasted 2… what a mess!

And speaking of mess, after the first 51 layers of 1022 it’s more than halfway finished with 10:30 left:

I really need to buy the developers a coffee… or 50.


What a disaster, they are marketing this as an Industrial grade machine. You expect ate least accurate printing times, if you are a company who outsourced prints and have it for internal use then you don’t even know when this thing is going to end… So it’s still better to outsource. If you are a service bureau and you give service your problem is bigger, since you can’t have an schedule of jobs and cannot commit a delivery date to customers!

Hope this is fixed asap,


Update: We received a new replacement printer. The first one kept freezing up and tech support suspected an issue with the motherboard. The new printer is completing jobs without freezing up. However, we’re still experiencing large deformations near the seam line. These occur regardless of the part, or the part orientation. It also happens whether we print on supports, or directly on the build plate. Tech support thought we may be getting a wrinkle in the tank and they sent us a replacement. We’re having the same problem with the replacement tank. We’re currently testing tank #3. Is anyone experiencing this kind of deformation?


Not on my end. A few issues but deformation isn’t one of them (or at least not yet) and most parts I do need to be technically precise.

Have you tried a different kind of resin? I don’t see why that would help but the 3L is a temperamental machine…


That kind of deformation definitely looks similar to the invisible tank defects I’ve seen from other users. Apparently the percentage of tanks affected is very high, so maybe you’re just unlucky.

I’ve since done a ton of tests on my machine and can conclude that the 3L prints batches of smaller parts extremely well but larger parts no so well ironically. Large parts come out more or less ok, but with occasional unacceptable layer lines.


I have stopped printing with mine completely. I cannot keep wasting resin and time hoping that the print will come out ok.

I hope to talk to tech on the phone some time in the near future but until there is a firmware update that addresses the significant problems with the machine it’s going to be a paper weight.



That sucks. I’m also not using mine for large prints. Batches of small prints seem to come out perfect so at least I can use it for those scenarios for now.


The new Fusion 360 Form Labs integration shows the inside of build plates for the different machines. No idea why but it’s rather curious to see that the build plate on the 3L has been heavily reinforced while the one from the Form 3 is hollow:


New Preform update brings 50 micron settings for Tough 2000, Castable Wax 40 and Grey on the 3L:

  • Tough 2000 Resin: Added the 50 micron layer thickness setting
  • Castable Wax 40 Resin: Added the 50 micron layer thickness setting
  • Grey Resin: Added the 50 micron layer thickness setting
  • Various bug fixes

No new firmware yet. Today the only firmware release was for the Fuse Sift