Form 3 Gasket & Smell

Hey all,

So I’ve read people reporting that the Form 3 smells more. Anecdotally, it seems like this is true when I run my Form 3, I can smell the resin through the cracks of the lid.

I notice that the Form 2 has a gasket all around the bottom of the lid. Has anyone attempted to do the same for the 3? If so, has it made the smell leakage any better?

I don’t think that’s gonna work, as the resin is heated by a hot air blower blowing air across it.
It’s not a closed system like the Cure, the air is sucked in, and goes out through all the cracks and openings in the case. A gasket would just make it take a different path - the air has to exhaust somewhere.

Yeah I was wondering that too. I’ve at least tried gasketing some gaps to control where the air leaves from so I can use a fume extractor more efficiently. Will let you know how it works out.

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