Form 3 + Formlabs Black

I don’t think Formlabs is done optimizing their profiles for the 3 yet and it is my impression that black is not yet really tweaked. How are people’s experiences with black and the 3? How is the surface quality compared to grey? I print mostly at 50.

Related question: Can areas in black be sanded/filed and blend in with the rest? i.e. can I fix up the support points and make it look 'finished without painting? My primary purpose with going to black is getting some prints which looked good enough on their own. White is the other one I’ll tackle eventually (though apparently its detail is less?)

You can “blend”, but you’ll need to go to a fine grit or maybe even rub with mineral oil. I usually find if I start sanding, the print looks best when I sand the whole thing. Reason is the layer lines stand out on the unblended areas and look different from the smooth, sanded portion.