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Form 3 Fit Test Clear resin

Could someone please run the Fit Tuning print on their Form 3 in Clear V4 and let me know how it goes?

I did it and the peg doesn’t fit into ANY of the holes. Not even the biggest one (which is indicated by “Start–>”). I know the official line is it’s only intended for Model resin at the moment, but a support person suggested to me it should be printable on Clear.

I want to find out if someone else’s printer gets better results and there might be an issue with my printer.



I just ran it on my F3B+ with Durable v2 and ended up with -15.

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I just tried with White and Tough1500 resin. The results are the same as yours: the peg doesn’t fit any of the holes !

This test may be developed for Model resin, but it is possible to choose which resin will be used for the test. So it should work, at least a bit on some other resins…

With Draft v2 happens the same thing, at first it doesn’t fit into any hole. But if you squizze it a bit (a lot maybe), it gets inside. On my case the best one was the second hole.