Form 3 Bricked

We updated the latest firmware on 13th June, 10 days ago. We set the update running and left the printer alone. It wasn’t until a week later that we went back to wanting to use the printer. The printer is currently totally unresponsive. No touchscreen display no fans.

We have checked the motherboard, and the two 24V Led’s are green, indicating it is not a power issue. I have tired to find the printer in PreForm but it says it is disconnected. Connecting via USB also yields no results. The printer is not even showing in the windows device manager.

We have tried leaving the power cable out for 2 hrs, and then plugging it back in. We have tried power cycling. All the electrical cables are connected fine. The printer was operating normally prior to the firmware update.

It is currently a brick. Please advise

have you try factory reset?

To perform a factory reset:

  1. Unplug the printer.
  2. Reconnect the printer power cable.
  3. When the Formlabs logo appears, push and hold the reset button located underneath the USB port in the rear of the printer until Resetting to factory defaults appears on the touchscreen. …
  4. Release the button.


We have tried that, we don’t get to the point where the Formlabs Logo appears. We suspect it is a hardware issue. We did have a resin spill around 3 months ago, which we suspect has now damaged internal components. Do you have any recommendations on how we can test any hardware problems?

There is no visible contamination on the motherboard, and the green 24V LED’s light up when plugged in.


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at this stage contacting support might be your best choice, sorry

Hi @andy07070 ,

Thank you for reaching out via the Forums! However, contacting our Support Team is the best way to get a fast response to troubleshooting issues like this. Since we will likely need more information (photos, video, serial name, etc), starting a case with our Support Team will ensure that you have a dedicated agent working to resolve this issue for you. We hope to hear from you shortly so that we can get you back up and printing!