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Form 2 - hiring a local fixer in Boston?

I’ve had a Form 2 coming up on 3 years. NOT a power user by any means - maybe 1 print every two weeks or so. Lately terrible prints, messy tank, etc. Tried all the cleaning stuff, changing resin, changing tanks, no luck. I’m right next to the Somerville headquarters in Boston. Anybody around who can just take a look at possibly just fix it for me? Happy to pay well, bring it to you, etc. so I don’t have to replace or screw around with it.

PM me if you want to take it on. Thanks!

In all probability your laser is tired and needs to be replaced. I think FL’s service center is also in Sommerville (or near enough not to matter). Might be a 3rd party. Don’t remember. But I’ve tried the “how 'bout I just drive by and drop it off” approach and been shot down. Gotta use their process.

Just tell 'em you’ll ship it with your own carrier, then drive it to the address they give you, go the same door the couriers do, and get a signature.

Can I ship it via Uber do you think? :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, while it seems like doing a “drive by” ought to be simple, if they don’t have a drop-off receiving process it’s not something they’d be smart to agree to. Stuff would get lost or damaged after it was dropped off, and it’d end up causing more problems than it fixed. Everything goes through a receiving department, though, they can have an established process to prevent those things from happening.

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