Form 2. Building plate is stuck to tank, How do I get it out?

Form 2. The building plate is stuck in the bottom of the LT tank. I probably printed too much with the same LT tank and that’s the reason why building plate burned on to Tank. Am I right? I have done more than 4 liters of dental model resin with same tank. How do get building plate of from the tank?

There can be all kinds of reasons for this, but wear on the tank shouldn’t cause it.

Your best bet would be a plastic scraper or something like this, and to really carefully try to loosen it from the tank.

Maybe try to drag thin thread (fishing line, dental floss…) between platform & tank from one side to other? Might help to losen build platforms clamp first

The advice here is good, but we’ve found internally that slowly working each component(the tank and platform) around in whatever amounts of movement you can get, should loosen them up over time.

Another thing I would recommend is removing some of the resin to take away some of the stress of doing this. If you have something like a turkey baster(that’s not being used for food obviously) to move some resin to a cup for safe keeping while you get the tank out can make things a little more relaxed because you’re not worried about spills.

Ok, I’m going to make an assumption here that the build plate is physically attached to the bottom of the LT tank, and you already tried to move it up bu the z screw can’t lift it.

If so, how about loosening the lever of the build platform assembly to release the lock on the arm, then try to slide the tray out it should come out together with the build platform, as it slides off the arm.

Once it’s out, I would try to slowly rotate the built platform assembly t try and release from the FEP.

I’m not familiar with the LT tank, since I only have a Form 1+, but is the bottom flexible, or does it have glass? If it’s flexible, you could try to gently push up on the FEP from underneath, it should release the hold on the plate.

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