Forgiving standard resins

Out of the standard resins which one is more forgiving? Most print reliability? Can handle more handling than the other?
Thanks for your time.

All standard resins basically have the same base forumla, with pigments added into the mix for White, Grey and Black. That being said, mechanical properties will be better with Clear because the pigments do not have a positive effect.

As for reliability, in theory the pigments are again a foreign element and the risk of them settling in the resin will cause inconsistencies… in practice I found that Grey isn’t really affected by sedimentation and obviously Clear is immune to it. I would say Clear and Grey are equals in terms of reliability with White and Black being a lot behind due to the fact that it’s difficult to keep the mix homogenized.


In my personal experience:

Clear is the easiest to work with, grey and black have the best surface appearance for detail, and white is the easiest to paint of the standards. White is the hardest for removal from the platform, followed by black and grey, and clear. And though you haven’t asked, here’s some other info on the other resins in comparison.