Flexible resin condensation

Hi there, just finished printing my first print with the flexible resin 50A.

To my surprise the inner side of the cover was completely covered by some kind of condensation. When i wiped it off with a paper towel, it felt very oily and it was yellow in color. Is this normal?

I’m afraid this oil is going to go somewhere it shouldn’t

I do notice variable amounts of condensation in the printer, and it depends a little on the resin type I use, although I’ve never used 50A.

What’s the room temperature like when you print?

My guess is if there’s a big differential between the temperature inside the printer and outside, that would increase condensation. I don’t know what part of the resin evaporates, but clearly a little bit does. I wonder if anyone has any insights into that.

I print in a cold garage, but I have a small space heater under the printer, so it’s mostly engulfed in a warm cushion of air. That said, the front of the printer remains fairly cold and that’s where I get the condensation.

Hi Rybu.

That makes perfect sense. I also print in a cold workshop (14°C) with a warm mat underneath the printer but I think there is a big difference of temperature between the inside and the outside of the printer.

The flex A50 must have more evaporation than the other resins I used and that’s probably why I get condensation issues.

I’ll keep that in mind the next time I print with it.


If you wipe down the inside occasionally with some IPA you should be fine. That’s what I’ve been doing.

Similarly I do get the occasional splash inside the printer. So I wipe those up whenever I find them. Mostly they’re near the resin-dispensing area, but sometimes I see little splash marks on the tops of the print trays.

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