Flashing on prints

This “flashing” just started showing up on my prints. New bottle of material. The previous half dozen or so of prints were doing fine, then this started showing up on the prints. Anyone know what causes this and how do I overcome it?

PDMS layer on the tank might be wearing out. See if it is clouding. if so then get a new tank.

Anytime I’ve had this happen was because a part failed in a previous batch without me knowing and the “flashing” was actually just the failed layers from that part.


To me this doesn’t look like PDMS wear, more like particles in the resin as @rlaprise wrote (this can be tricky to see in some resins including Black). I would filter the resin that is in the tank a couple of times. I’ve seen this kind of defects with Tough and Black and filtering helped despite us having trouble seeing debris in the tank.

With Black it’s also important to thoroughly scrape the tank’s window and shake the bottle as with this particular resin (and White as well) pigments tend to settle in the bottom after even a couple of days without use. We’ve also had Black create more viscous pockets of materials if untouched for a while, thoroughly yet carefully stirring the tank helped in that case as well.

How do I filter the resin?

If you’re in the US there are cheap paint filters available in moist department stores.

In Europe I find as well as others in this forum that these paint filters aren’t all that common. I use a very thin polymer kitchen colander and filter through two of them at a time.

Here’s the Formlabs article about this technique

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Also, if you haven’t been doing it you need to make sure to stir the resin before printing, the pigment will settle over time and can cause issues if you try to print without mixing it back in fully.

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