Flagging occurring

I recently had 3 prints show flagging in different places on each print and at different orientations, with different resin tanks on my Form2.
This was using clear2 and Gray2.
one of the resin tanks is old, the other is middle-aged (it’s seen about a liters worth of work and is still very clear).

OK, I’ll bite… What is “Flagging”?

flagged, flagging, flags
verb, transitive

  1. To mark with a flag or flags for identification or ornamentation: flag a parade route; flagging parts of a manuscript for later review.
  2. a. To signal with or as if with a flag. b. To signal to stop: flag down a passing car.

Maybe he meant flashing like in the Injection molding jargon ?

To clarify:
Flagging is the description of an issue that a user posted on the forum at least a year ago. It is where there are thin structures that seem to grow from the part, but are not present in the STL/OBJ file. Sometimes this phenomenon was attributed to laser power issues, sometimes to old resin, and also to failing PDMS in the resin tank, sometimes a combination of these issues.

Can you upload a few pictures of the issue you’re seeing so that we can help to troubleshoot? If we’re unable to help on the forums, I’ll make sure to get you in touch with our support team so that we can look into it further.

Hi Frew,

I have already removed the issues from the prints and sent off to the client. By the way, one of the prints that used Grey2 also had what looked like small layers of partial cracks , some kind of material separation. Luckily, these were in non-critical regions of the parts so the client accepted them.
BTW, sometimes it is difficult to take the images while furiously trying to post process the parts with issues ( don’t like the idea of smearing resin all over my phones glass surface). I would have usually taken the time to take some pics, but didn’t have it.
I have other design work to do this week and no 3D printing lined up for at least a week.

I believe you are referring to ragging. FL uses rashing and ragging to describe surface defects and flakes hanging off of a model.

David, you are correct, it’s called ragging.
I guess I had FL (as in FormLabs) on my mind.

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