First work printed with my form1

Gabriele De Luca, my brother’s works at

These are some photos of First work printed.


Wonderful finish on that. Must have taken you lots of hard labour to get such a smooth finish. May I ask how you ended up with such a result? especially the “lowered” parts must have been a pain to sand.

Love the result. The American dad figure is out of this world! Wonderful pieces on your website!

@Marco_De_Luca this is amazing work! I’m curious as well how you achieved such a smooth finish! Please tell us more!

Wow. Amazing. I’m curious about your setup: was this @25um? Also, like the others said, your finish is impecable. Especially how you eliminated all layering on the head but kept the texture of the wrinkles. Crazy. Does his head rotate opening his mouth? Really well crafted stuff.