First print with clear Photcentric resin

I tried using some hard Photocentric resin in a clear formlabs resin tank, but I got an error reporting the printer couldn’t detect filling it with resin - despite it filling well above the fill line. Others had reported that this technique worked with at least the Photocentric gray resin.

The only solution I could come up with was instead switching it to Open Mode which of course disabled the wiper etc.

I decided to attempt to print the geometry nearly upright because I didn’t not want internal supports that would have been very difficult to remove. Despite the software showing most the model with red warning color (see pic), I gave it a shot. It came out all but the very last top of the fins where they extended above the vase rim. Perhaps I should have left it perfectly upright? It seems the one side that was leaning didn’t come out.

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What setting? Which version of FM clear did you use?

You can see it in the screen shot above: Clear FLGP02, 0.1mm. The version of clear from Photocentric is Hard.

It looks good, but did the tip on top print correctly? It is hard to tell if the photo matches the geometry.

No, like I mentioned, the top is the only place it didn’t turn out. Wondering if I should not have tilted it at all (3rd paragraph musing).

Sorry, I missed that bit. :blush:

If you turned it upside down then you place some supports on the tip, as well a few more strategic ones on the side.

Are the blades connected to each other? If not then it probably needed more support since they are long and thin they would start to flex more as you get to the top.

If it was upside, the bottom of the vase would have been completely unsupported - and I didn’t want any supports on the inside of the vase or they would have been very difficult to remove.

The blades above the rim aren’t connected to each other, so that would make sense. I also suspect that it hadn’t been leaning it would have came out too since one side did but not the other.