First 3D Print - MWO RVN-4X

Got my Form 2 quite a while ago but the lack of a UV Curing Oven kind of got me stuck at not really using it until just recently when I finally managed to get the DIY Oven done as well.

With my own models either being rather underwhelming or too demanding in complexity I decided to go for some more balanced Game Models suitable for a first test run which got me to a RVN-4X from the BattleTech Franchise.

Here’s the result:

The Model stands about 20cm tall and was printed with articulation in mind thus including various joint types with some of them being compression fit ball joints.
The white surface it stands is the top of the, back then, unfinished UV Oven which has the same footprint as a Form 2.

The use of the original 3D Mesh, like it was used in the Game, was out of question for many reasons - Mostly though because of it not being a continuous mesh.
Later I encountered troubles with Meshmixer when it came to hollowing out the now solidified but intersectioning mesh requiring even more work to get this successfully printed.
In the end I replaced almost all of the Mesh with my own in order to get continuous Mesh that could then be hollowed out and successfully 3D Printed.

Took me two failed attempts to get there though - Which got me a little nervous :wink:

That being said I’m VERY pleased with what I got.
Now looking forward in making a 40cm tall revamped, 2020 like, reinterpretation of the 1990 Robocop 2 Villain Cain after his transformation into a Cyborg.


By the way, if you want better detail for something like that, the Black resin does much better–it’s more brittle due to the increased amount of pigment, but it does much better with detail.

While I do have Black Resin at hand I decided to start my journey into the world of 3D Printing with the Clear one which wasn’t the worst idea as it allowed me to observe some potential issue that wouldn’t have been visible with an opaque Resin.

If only though the weather would lighten up… I’ve been waiting for days to start painting the print but with the humidity that is going on I just don’t feel like doing the next step >_>

Yeah, the black makes it harder to see it print, though it’s worth giving that up so that you get a higher detail print.