what is the best firmware for form 2, I hate new firmware on anything…


I know what you’re talking about, but honestly I’ve rarely encountered regressions when updating firmware on my Form 2. I just stick with the latest, and let it upgrade from time to time when it asks.


Agreed, I think new firmware has only improved Formlabs printers. Can’t think of any downsides I’ve experienced with firmware upgrades.


In the past it wasn’t always the case that updates improved things. It used to break things as well.
But the latest firmwares are quite stable. Haven’t had any issues.


I am still on samsung galaxy s5 because I never updated it :smiley: I will stick with old one if it works dont touch it.


Feel free to do what works for you! Just keep in mind that’s how we improve printer behavior and add new features. :slight_smile: