Firmware update now bad galvo

Anyone else have an issue with galvos going bad after the firmware update? I never had an issue until I recently did an update. The update didnt seem to go well either since the machine went blank in the front and then nothing. I had to power on and off a few times just to get the printer to work again.

Can we pick from prior firmware or reinstall a firmware again? I rather not pay to fix a galvo because of a firmware update.

Bill, sorry to hear about the trouble! Any firmware update is meant to make improvements and be compatible for all hardware, so this is certainly concerning.

Could you specify a few pieces of info in order for all of us to better understand: what type of printer this is, what firmware version you changed from and to, and what has gone bad with the galvos?

If this is a Form 1+, you can check the firmware version by holding the printer’s button for three seconds from the off mode. The latest is 1.4. For a Form 2, the settings tab on the touchscreen displays the firmware version.

Hi - It is a Form 1+

I can post pics of the really wide prints and the firmware version when I get back home.

Just to cover all the bases, when cleaning the small mirror in the back of the unit, could slightly moving that throw off the galvo? I don’t believe I put any real pressure on it, but I rather ask all questions so we can figure this out. If so, I would attempt to move it if that can help before sending it in for service since it is out of warranty. I tried different tanks too, and got the same really stretched results (imagine the butterfly’s wings stretched past the edges of the build platform on both sides… but on PreForm the models were about 2 squares on the grid inside the boundaries)

I opened a support ticket, but any insight form here will help too.



Thanks for the additional detail, Bill. Given what you described, it sounds like the movement of the mirror is a more likely factor than the firmware change. I would suspect the timing of the firmware change - though we haven’t released any new firmware for the Form 1+ in quite awhile - is purely a coincidence. The stretching that you’ve described would suggest that the galvanometer mirrors require a reverse adjustment to undo any previous movement or a recalibration to reset their measurements.

Thanks - I’ll be sure to add that to the ticket and go from there.

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