Firmware update LCD scare

Post update to 1.4.4, my screen blanked out, leaving only a weird light gray blob on darker gray background, with what seemed sort of similar to display burn-in showing ghost images of the “next print” screen.

I panicked for a bit, then remembered that LCD burn in can’t occur that quickly.

Then panicked again, because the discolored blob looked somewhat similar to a delaminating backlight diffusor film.

Then checked if there was some kind of leak or something inside the machine (but nope).

Then remembered that odd voltage spikes and brownouts can sometimes produce temporary odd effects like that on LCDs and rebooted the machine.

Then panicked again because that didn’t do anything. Then calmed down, unplugged everything for a few minutes to guarantee everything gets discharged completely, turned it on again, and voila - no more weirdness.

Guessing something in the update did something weird to the display, the display controller, or both. So, if you experience something similar - heads up, just calm down, unplug the machine, wait for a few minutes, and plug back in.


Thanks for letting everyone know! I’ll make sure to pass this up the chain as a behavior that has been seen following this update.

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This happened setting up the new printer for the first time. Panic avoided. Thank you!

If the MCU hangs (normally because of some electrical spike or ESD) the LCD refreshing is not done anymore but voltages can be applied which produce weird effects.

You need to unplug the printer for few minutes to ensure the MCU is completely powered down.

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In my case l just unplugged and re-plugged with no waiting. This particular wall socket is not earthed. It probably has to do with that.

Do not hesitate to wait for a LONG time! I was giving up and about to roll back to old firmware, left it alone for the night, and in the morning it was working!