Firmware older versions


Hello to every Formers.
I’ve update, on a free hosting website, the older versions of the FormLab’s Firmwares.
I’ve collected them till the version 1.14.21 (sorry, I’ve missed many releases. If someone have them, also for Form1/1+, can share here. Thanks).

Form2 - Firmware 1.14.21 August 2017
Form2 - Firmware 1.15.4 October 2017
Form2 - Firmware 1.16.7 December 2017
Form2 - Firmware 1.16.8 January 2018

Hope it could be usefull.
Best regards,

PreForm older versions
Tough resin, Missing chunks
Parts are the wrong size
Printer's cartridge missing errors constantly

Dear Mattia, just wanted to thank you. Quite usefull when you see that sometimes updates create faillures …


Form2 - Firmware 1.17.7 May 2018
Form2 - Firmware 1.18.4 July 2018


Form2 - Firmware 1.18.10 August 2018
Form2 - Firmware 1.18.12 September 2018

Thanks to the user FANTASY2 (ProtoART) to send me the 1.18.10 firmware file that I’ve missed. Thanks.

Resin tank and cartidge check

Here is the 1.18.10:

Maybe you can upload it to your own server as this link will expire soon.


Thanks Fantasy2.

Here also the Form2 - Firmware 1.17.10 that I’ve missed time ago.

Dear Formers, if you need info about firmwares, here the official release notes page:


Form2 - Firmware 1.19.5 December 2018


Form2 - Firmware 1.19.11 April 2019
Form2 - Firmware 1.19.12 May 2019