Finishing kit containers?

Where can I get a matching set of the plastic containers that come with the finishing kit?

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Hmmm, that’s not something that we sell separately, but any regular set of sealable plastic containers should work fine, I believe.

I know, I was wondering the make and model so I can Google some.

Target has containers that go by the name “snapware” I think that is your closes bet. I think im going to switch to some cheap zip lock brand trow aways…

Thanks Kuhns, I don’t see one the dimensions of the built area, but I will continue the hunt and your info should help. I am setting up for electro-plating and want the dimensions of the build area, but without the expense of filling over-sized containers with expensive chemicals. I’m not sure why Sam did not say.

The build area is 125 mm x 125 mm x 165 mm.

I’d suggest getting a container that is 15-25 mm larger on each side for some buffer.

Yes Craig, but the only place I have ever seen a food container anywhere close to that is from FormLabs.

I settled on MainStays Model# MS044-440-01-29. It took a lot of time to find that.

That’s a great find, Josh. Thanks. I’m sorry that I don’t have the information to find the individual components of our finish kit – they’re acquired through wholesale channels.